Why (and how) should you include the inbound methodology in your existing marketing efforts?

Posted by Prachi Gupta on 21-Apr-2017 10:00:03
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For decades, traditional marketing has helped in spreading brand awareness. But it has also claimed a big portion of marketing funds with very little understanding of how much is the investment coming back. If you are stuck with traditional or outbound methods of marketing, where you advertise to a general audience and if your ROI numbers are expert guesses, it’s time to re-think! Is outbound really helping your brand to get discovered? Or its time to switch to a relevant and helpful approach like Inbound Marketing?

Rather than ambiguous targeting, inbound marketing helps you to spot consumers who are interested in your product. Moreovver, it helps them to find your product or service even when they are just shopping around. A 2011 Hubspot study found that inbound marketing approach costs 62 percent less as compared to outbound.

Inbound marketing uses content marketing to drive visitors and leads to your product & services. It keeps the consumers engaged and also drives them further in the buyer’s journey, helping you to rank high on Google search engines with search engine optimization.  Top digital marketing agencies in India have evolved their marketing strategies allowing brands to build effective digital marketing strategies and faster returns on investments by going inbound. 

3 ways of introducing inbound marketing methodologies in your digital marketing strategies: 

Working Hard-2.jpg1. Ditch the billboards and invest a fraction of those costs on an effective content marketing strategy: 

Have you been spending too much on billboards and still not getting leads? Inbound might be the soltuion! It involves blogs, e-books, landing pages with SEO optimized pages using alt+text in the images to make it easily accessible on internet. After all, 300 million Indians are using the Internet and six million new users are joining every month, according to a statement by Google in this 2015 report. It will lead the visitors on your site or blog who can become your potential leads without even spending that much. 

2. Print ads into Landing Pages  

Have been printing 20 paged brochures or newsletters? How about actually using the same content, tweak it as per your customer’s buyer personas and put it on your website. It allows them to read what they actually want to know - about your company, services, location, clients and so on. You can have web optimized pages and the content can always be customized, whereas a flyer is based on blank targets. You can use analytics to know about the visitors and lead conversions happening per click. On your website, they can also download the pdf file of your brochure or newsletter. So, one platform, multiple benefits. It can link them to your social media pages, you can have real-time customer feedback and much more.

3. Set-up an automated email marketing work flow:  

Ever thought of tracking a flyer? It’s just not possible other than a QR code or without a trackable link! With e-mailer marketing, you can actually track your customer behavior and even send them personalized email content as per their preferences. Top digital marketing agencies in India have started creating a personalized email process using tools like MailChimp, HubSpot and many others to help their brands gain awareness and leads. At the end of the page using a CTA (call to action) in your email (with action oriented verb) will help to convert your leads into customers. It is low in cost and higher in yield!

Every click, every visitor is your potential lead. And adapting to digital methodologies of inbound marketing can transform your existing brand image. The knowledge is same, but the approach is different, all this to help you attract your potential customers organically.  

Ready to go Inbound? 

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