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Posted by Prachi Gupta on 27-Jul-2017 08:34:00
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Once mobile application development is done, the other essential piece of mobile application marketing is app store optimization (ASO). It is similar to the Google ranking criteria on its SERPS (search engine results pages) through Search engine optimisation (SEO). More than 20,000 apps go onto the AppStore in a month, and ASO helps to improve the app ranking and make it discoverable on the App Store.

Tapping the Asian market is important as it makes for 41 percent of the total app revenue around the world. And the Gross annual revenue is projected to exceed $189 billion by 2020, according to Statista.

1. Post mobile application development give your app a ‘unique’ name:

Like everything else it needs to have a unique, eye catchy and relevant name. It will be the main identity of your app. It is stated that using keyword in the title improves app store ranking by 10.3 percent. It doesn’t mean you need to stuff the title with long keywords, just keep it simple and make sure it’s the most searched word, within the character limit.

2. Keyword optimization:

The right way to select an appropriate keyword is to keep yourself in your audience shoes and describe the app using similar words which they may search for. For example, users may search ‘shopping online’ instead of ‘online shopping’, so these are little tweaks which may need to be implemented and tested. Using seasonal words may also help like ‘Diwali shopping’ etc. Doing monthly audits will help you analyse your keywords performance and you can swap out underachieving keywords. Localization of keywords is also an important step, like, while addressing the Indian audience you would use the word ‘favourite’ and for American audience you would change the spelling to ‘favorite’. Keep it simple, natural and in a familiar language!

3. Mobile application logo:

mobile application development
The logo counts for the desired attention. Imagine millions of mobile users on app stores going through endless options, this visual icon is the first thing that will become the deciding factor. Make sure the app icon is of the ideal size, appropriate colour scheme to break through the chaos. Just like you did research during your mobile application development, here also, market research is beneficial to analyse how top rated apps are doing it right with colours, shapes, background and imagery. Most importantly you need to decide how you can make it different or stand out from these competitor apps. To ensure correct icon sizing you should refer to iOS 9 Design Guidelines & Android Icon Sizing Reference Chart for Apple and Android phones respectively.

4. Using app relevant screenshots and videos:

mobile application development

As you would never use an insipid, artless banner, similarly you should not let such an integral part of your app to lose its potential by making it predictable and monotonous. Using screenshot and videos, you can tell your story to the audience in a creative and interesting manner. Let them know about your product, it’s USP (Unique selling point) and keep it informative and entertaining with trailer videos.

5. App listing:

mobile application development

If you want to reach the global audience your app needs to be localised as per different countries and their languages. Give them an option to select the language, which will change the translation of your description, date & time and give them the correct keyboard (Just like Apple does it with its 50 international keyboard options). You may experience a noticeable increase in your app downloads if the app listing is done properly.

6. Updating regularly:

Updating your app in every 30-40 days can help you to get among top scoring apps. Apps which are customer centric and make constant improvements based on their feedback, prove to be of higher value and receive higher ratings. Keep prompting your customers to download the new updates with some enticing notifications.

7. Review & ratings:

mobile application development

Positive reviews and ratings play a crucial role in improving your mobile application ranking. To dominate the top charts you need to give your customers a platform to share their user experience. The more the happy customers, the better will be your chances. By encouraging customers (with regular updates) who are most likely to give an appreciative feedback, you can boost your ranking effectively.

From mobile application development to app ranking, everything is determined by how well you are able to persuade your target audiences and how appropriately you match up with their expectations. By considering these important factors, you may succeed in improving your app ranking and downloads. 

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