Protecting Your Systems from Adylkuzz Cyber Attack

Posted by Prachi Gupta on 31-Jul-2017 14:04:00
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After WannaCry investigators at both Proofpoint and Bitdefender have warned about another malicious botnet called Adylkuzz which is encrypting systems. Speculations are such that apart from stealing digital money these malware attacks can pose a new global attack. This malware seems to on footsteps of WannaCry but may have an adverse effect on thousands of computers and servers across the world.

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What You Need To Protect Your Systems From This Cyber Attack?

It poses bigger threat than WannaCry of which it can be revealed that how many systems got affected, whereas Adylkuzz can spread without being noticed for weeks. Your system files get locked, and it stays hidden in the background while making digital cash from your operating system digitally. As it remains behind the scenes, you only get to know when you lose access to your shared files on your windows operating systems and the speed of your servers become low. It also shuts down SMB networking which blocks other malware attacks like WannaCry.

Defensive Measures for Cyber Security

Like a worm it spreads across all the infected computer systems using the EternalBlue vulnerability:

  • Keep your systems on top of all the updates and apply them quickly, mainly those which Microsoft releases and keep updating Windows systems with the latest versions.
  • Encrypt your backup and you don’t need to fret about the system falling into the malicious traps.
  • Do not open and be cautious about unwanted attachments. 
  • Use Sophos Intercept X for business purposes and for domestic systems subscribe to Sophos Home Premium Beta, to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks and data breaches on your networks.
  • Cut off your internet connection, reformat the hard drive and reinstall your files from a backup. You should keep a back of your important files on regular basis and have it protected by an updated anti-virus software.

Amid the recent wave of cyber-attacks, it is the need of the hour that both domestic users and business users keep their computer systems updated and protected from these malware attacks.

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