How to Write Emails Your Contacts Will Actually Reply To

Posted by Prachi Gupta on 16-Aug-2017 10:31:16
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Email is important and is a crucial part of inbound strategy for all the email marketing companies across the world. Sending out internal emails to your office contact and colleagues is not similar to the marketing emails you share with your potential leads, subscribers or customers. As here you have a goal to achieve, you want to convert them into your leads.

Know that your customers have no attention span for those flaws, which your colleagues might ignore in your emails, risking those customers to not even turn back. You really need to stand out and reach out to them in the most effective manner, to establish that emotional connect.

Emailing is no less than an Art! Here are some important tips for email marketing companies in India to increase their conversion rates.

email marketing companies in india

1) Subject line should be expressive

It has to be compelling and intriguing enough for your recipients to open and read it. Keep it clear, outlining the purpose of your email content or offer! Make sure it has no full sentences and keep the most lucrative and interesting content, giving users an idea about what they will get from your email. Also, refrain from pushing them to check or follow-up, keep it to the point.

For reference:

  • Question about your recent blog post on mobile apps
  • Your guide has arrived: Know more about the new service
  • Some stats - Personalized emails increase conversion rates by 10%

2) Follow-the-format and be to the point: for email marketing companies in India

No matter how tempting it may be to include a subject line related to your own organization, you need to skip it here. Try doing that later in the sales funnel, by make your opening line of the mail centric to the point you are making in your mail to allow users to be receptive to the subject and immediately open the email to know further. Email marketing companies in India should follow this simple format:

  1. Greet your customers
  2. Put down reasons for emailing
  3. Move onto details
  4. Include call to action buttons
  5. Close it again with a greeting

This will help you to retain customer’s attention for longer and motivate them to read your email further. If they happen to resonate with your content, you can expect them to become your potential leads,

3) No Jargons

Do not try to impress your readers with flowery vocabulary, instead using simple words would help to retain them. Your email should offer them a break from their monotonous reading. Make it attractive with right content using simple & basic language with relavant images. And always remember to break those 2 commas into another sentence.  Because the easier it is better!

4) Use of numbers

They are a great way of making your emails stand out and not blend in! Putting numbers, facts and figures in your email tend to fetch user attention. Moreover it gives a sense of authenticity. Using numerals (3rd largest) instead of words third largest makes it easy to turn eyes and looks more informative.

5) Keep it short: tips for email marketing companies in India

email marketing companies in india

In this case the rule of thumb is 'the shorter it is, the better'. Short, crisp and easy to understand emails are more likely to get better response from recipients, improving your email conversion rates. Remember your readers are always on the go and if they get to read something interesting and less time consuming, it will turn out to be more prolific. Try to fit in numbers, replacing longer words with something precise and catchy, so that it doesn’t exceed the 150-200 word limit.

6) Gain Attention with Bullet points

Putting information in bullet points is the simplest way to put forth something to read. It’s easy to retain, looks organised and is pleasing to eyes. It uses shorter sentences, gains reader’s attention and consumes less time to read. Email marketing companies in India need to follow these simple tips in their emails to have a greater impact on customers.

7) Taking the next step

email marketing companies in India

You can always give readers an option to connect to you apart from email. It can be a short and subtle invite to fix a virtual or personal meeting (yes or no option), or discussing it over a phone call. Allow them or give them an option to connect with you, how it is going to help them and why they should consider your offer.

After implementing these tips, marketers have been able to connect better with their customers and noticed a twofold improvement in their email open/conversion rate.

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