How To Effectively Use Call To Action Buttons?

Posted by Prachi Gupta on 24-Jul-2017 18:24:02
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Call to action buttons (CTA’s) are placed on your website, blogs, emails & newsletters to promote offers, services and links to your landing page. Since they initiate the conversion process, they become an important first step.  CTAs not only help boost user engagements but also help increase leads. Here are six tips on how to make the most of your call to action buttons to get the most of your marketing campaigns: 

1. Make the call to action buttons actionable

Call to action buttons

Call to action buttons as the name suggests have to be actionable. You are telling your readers to take an action by clicking on an offer to download a guidebook, read more, book a package etc.   And most importantly it should be in consistency with the offer on your landing page. Netflix is the perfect example of using CTAs effectively on their subscription page.  They tweak that fear by giving "Cancel anytime" button copy right above the "Join Free for a Month" CTA. It’s certain to say that giving them assurance only may have boosted the subscriptions. Also, the red color of the Call to Action Buttons are complement the Netflix’s logo color theme.

2. Where should you place your CTA? 

Call to action buttons

Place your CTA logically on your web page. This is no rocket science, but decide as per your content offer if it should be placed below or above the fold or in the sidebar, it should look appropriate and be easily identifiable. For a blog post you might want to place a CTA below the fold to download your eBook to avoid it from interrupting the content information. On a pricing page, you would only mention a CTA with pricing structure or buy now to further make the purchase.  In an email CTA can be placed anywhere, may be after a paragraph, line or even in the side bar, where it attracts the max attention of the reader. The purpose it to take the buyer further in the funnel from you web page to landing page, leading to the thank you page.  

3. How to choose the right colours for your call to action buttons: 

Call to action buttons

Your CTA, needs to be noticeable for visitors will know where to click. Take into consideration your buyer persona’s tastes when designing a call to action. Your buyer persona might prefer something glitzy and upbeat or they might like a simple, nominal button. Think about what would be appealing to them and how they typically navigate through websites. If you’re not sure, that is okay, try to conduct research or test things out. Use highly contrasting colors or an accent color that aligns with your company’s branding. This will help your CTAs to visually stand out.

4. Use Call to Action Buttons for Social sharing

 Call to action buttons

Ask your visitors to share if they liked what they read among their social circles. Don’t go overboard just place them on your landing page, blog post, especially where it makes sense. These social sharing buttons are customizable and will help to boost your website conversion rate!

5. Customize Call to Action buttons for every device: 

Is your Call to Action button eye catchy? Is it too small that it becomes hard to notice? Or is it too large that it looks awkward and distracts from the main content? Is it customized for website and mobile site? All these are important check points any CTA to work just right for your web page. If readers are able to noticing and click on that CTAs, then it’s done right!

6. Promote Offers

As they move further in the funnel or to the thank you page. Think of some of your service and product offers based on what people show interest in. Again taking example of Netflix here, know what people are interested in, consider their downloading and viewership pattern in the past. And use that knowledge to put a CTA which resonated with their interests. For example, if a visitor read your inbound marketing blog, knowing they have an interest in inbound, you could choose to show them a CTA for your eBook on inbound as per the stage of their buyers journey (awareness, consideration & decision) to engage them further.

Every click, every visitor is your potential lead. And if you take into consideration these CTA essentials, you can succeed in increasing your existing page conversation rate.

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