7 Tips to Boost User Interaction on your Website

Posted by Prachi Gupta on 20-Jul-2017 14:40:18
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Are you concerned about your website bounce rate and looking for ways to increase engagement with new customers? Firstly you need to improvise interaction methods on your website. Delight users with innovative and attention grabbing details. As the website traffic increases, you will be able to gather more info about your potential customers and clients, and analyse their buyer’s journey to provide them with better offers which resonate with their needs. This is essential for your business to grow and be able to implement effective business/marketing strategies with the available data.

Give them valuable info which enlightens them and also serves the purpose of your site, in order to maintain a strong online presence. To make your site one of the best interactive websites, you need to ponder upon a few things mentioned below:

1. There Is a Reason Why Content Is Called the King

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Users come to your site in search of information or services only. And the way you wrap that information to attract visitors in the form of blogging, ebooks, landing pages, case studies, testimonials, video marketing content and so on, is the cornerstone to convert those visitors into potential leads. To increase user interaction make sure you content is SEO optimised with meta descriptions & keywords, include relevant images with alt-text, produce content as per your buyer personas, post it social media and keep it regular, as no customer would trust a site where the last content was updated months or years before. Content is the fuel that powers a successful inbound strategy. Read more about inbound in our previous blog: Why (and how) should you include the inbound methodology in your existing marketing efforts?

2. Action Oriented Call To Action

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Call-to-action should be action oriented. Its purpose, after all, is to get our visitors to take a crtain next action to download an eBook, or watch a video, or request a free trial.  It can be placed on your website pages, your blog and in your emails. Since they initiate conversion process, they are a critical first step. In order to achieve your business goals, it has to be attention grabbing to take your audience further to landing page and increase conversion rate. It will allow them to sign-up to your email subscription, fill in form details, and also would entice more clicks.

3. Easy Navigation

Visitors today are in no mood to stay on a site which gives them hard time to navigate, the simpler it is, the better! It has to be user friendly and easy to use. They will appreciate everything an interactive website which doesn’t test their patience. Nothing should be ambiguous or misleading the users, you can do it by keeping your navigation bars on the top, do not use jargons, have easy demarcation of topics, users should know where they are on the page and keep enough white space between the titles.

4. Social sharing buttons

To have a strong online presence, you need to keep users engaged on social media platforms as well. Having social sharing buttons on website, blog page or newsletter leading to their Facebook, Instagram, twitter or LinkedIn page is a must. This will allow them to promote your website content, blog, images or videos within their social circles and thus increasing your website visitors. And the users who happen to interact through those social sharing buttons might turn out be your brand’s loyal customers.

5. Wisely Use Pop Ups

If you use pop ups wisely you would save yourself from annoying your visitors. Do not make them look pushy rather use them subtly just to increase conversions and attract new customers. Also give them an option to disengage if they are not willing to open it. In this way they will not refrain to come back to your site and there is always a second chance. If it’s irresistible and something they are looking for then you are good to go!

6. Comment Section/Chat bots increase engagements on interactive websites

interactive websites
All the interactive websites give users a space to interact with them directly through chat bots and comment sections. You can have their feedbacks on your blogs and improvise to give a better user experience. This gives users a great sense of trust when they can share their thoughts or voice their opinion on your piece of writing, which can be both positive and negative. Chat bots allow you to give quick responses on customer queries, just like banking sites, travel sites etc. are doing, reducing the hassle for customer to call any of your customer services.

7. Use of Subscription Form

Using a subscription form strengthens your relationship with your customers, you can get their contacts details and they can subscribe to your newsletters, blog pages and this way you keep on nurturing your leads and customers.


To have an interactive website it needs to be optimized on these parameters for a better online presence and conversion rates. Try to continously update you site and improve user experince everytime a customer visits your site. Good luck with that!

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