6 Common Mobile UX Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Prachi Gupta on 11-Jul-2017 07:43:45
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Mobile apps have revamped the state of mobile experience and how people use their phones in 2017, and this the reason they can’t stop reaching on their phones. To meet the expectations of these consumers your mobile app design needs to be optimized for these common Mobile UX mistakes.

Business man pointing the text User Experience.jpeg1. Complicating It With Features:

Bombarding your app with too many features can make it slow and disrupt the overall functioning. With a lot of memory consumption, the performance becomes sluggish. While designing the mobile app, include main features which will serve most of the purposes for a good user experience. Once the app goes for testing, post feedback new features can be added or existing ones can be updated.

2. Forcing Users To Sign In

No matter how important it be for your business to make users sign in and share their information, but for them it can be annoying. A lot of ecommerce sites let users access the app as guest login, allowing them to get the touch and feel of the app, moving them down the sales funnel. If they feel delighted they will anyways register to your app once they become a regular customer or finally make a purchase. By making it optional you can actually increase your sales by three times.

3. Loading Time

Users are always on the go and they expect similar experience when using a website or mobile app. They expect it to be responsive and work instantly on a touch. The moment it will get slow, in frustration they would start using a number of buttons to make it work or they will either move on to another app.  So a fast loading mobile app design is an advantage always.

4. Ignoring feedback while redesigning

Your competition is with millions of apps in the app store. To keep visitors engaged there is a constant need to redesign the app. But most important of all is how much are you able to drive conversions. Focussing too much on look and feel might not be enough. Don’t go overboard with the design and aesthetics, make sure the user experience is restored and based on their feedback, changes are implemented in app to make it a meaningful engagement for them.

5. Imitating Other Apps

Costumer is smart and it’s important for you to keep the uniqueness of your app, if you really want them to be on it. For obvious reasons your app functionality, UI and UX has to be different from others.  The app has to be innovative and useful for customers as per their preferences and well updated as per market scenarios and changes. You must do a qualitative survey to analyse their likes and dislikes, to avoid it looking copied from other apps. 

6. White Space in your mobile app design 

Long forms may refrain users from signing in. Hubspot says by reducing form size from four field to three field, their completion rate increased by almost 50 percent. And for mobile users, long forms are a big no! On mobile the touch targets and links are closely places, so make sure there is enough space between the two to allow easy tapping by users.

Considering above points would improvise your app user experience and move your customers further into the journey.

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