5 Free Tools to Find The Right Hashtags in Twitter

Posted by Mamta Ahirwar on 01-Dec-2017 18:32:53
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As they say “Don’t follow trends, start one”.  In 2007, Twitter started this new trend called “Hashtags.” Although in the beginning hashtags were not appreciated by users but gradually they became famous. Today, hashtags are common not just among the users of twitter but also among users of other social networking sites.

People love to follow trends; especially the ones which might help them enhance their post on social media. When one uses the hashtag with a word in their tweet, it becomes a clickable link. It’s a great way to create an emphasis on the thought behind you tweet. In other words, we could say hashtags categorizes our tweet and makes it easier for users to discover tweets of their interest.


Hashtag is one of the most popular and powerful way to make your content stand out on Twitter  amongst thousands of other tweets. However, if you are new to using this trend you might make mistakes while choosing the right hashtag. If you want your tweet to make an impact on others, you need to choose the correct hashtags.

Here’s a list of 5 free tools which can help you find correct hashtags for your tweets:


Hashtagify.me is a free tool that helps in finding and analysing the top hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

It offers four metrics for the top 10 hashtags related to your topic.

It also gives you an idea about the popularity (the frequency of traffic the hashtag is receiving), weekly trends (the popularity of the specific hashtag during the week), monthly trends (hashtag’s popularity over the month) and correlation (how often that hashtag is correlated to your chosen hashtag).

Choose Right Hashtag for Twitter


Keyhole is known as the best tool for tracking hashtags. It provides you with the data required for your topic. It has a real-time dashboard which shows how many people have made a tweet with your hashtag, along with the number of re-tweets, likes and impressions your campaign is generating. It also helps in enhancing the reach of your brand's message by keeping a track of the most influential people associating with your brand.

Reach out to them to promote your content and increase your brand's reach. The data provided is easy to read and share and can be downloaded as a printable PDF.

track the hashtag


 If you want to find out about the hashtags, words or users related to the latest trends on Twitter, that too for and from anywhere across the world; Trendsmap is your map for that.  It is a new Twitter trend-tracking service that sticks tweets onto an interactive map. You can be more creative with your content by finding out the popular hashtags in your targeted location. It’s a platform which helps you to look beyond the local or national trending hashtags.

Find hashtags and trends for twitter


RiteTag is unique in its own way. It helps you get instant hashtag suggestions as you type. With RiteTag, you are able to form your content with regards to the most suitable hashtag for your message. Also, one can group hashtags to compare them on Ritetag which helps in making a better choice of right hashtags to be used.

find right hashtag for text


Tagboard is a proficient way of having an idea about, how a hashtag is being used and its performance across the world. It also uses hashtags to search for and collect information relating to public social media within seconds of being posted on various networks.

You can also filter your results to see how the usage of a hashtag changes between different platforms and the sentiment gauge helps to determine the public’s reaction on different hashtags.

tagboard - hashtag finder tool

Hence the tools as mentioned can be beneficial to you and help you trace correct hashtags. These tools are however a way of reaching out to the correct audience and giving an identity to your content.

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